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In-Office Massage:

 30   minute massage: $35.00

 60   minute massage: $60.00

 90   minute massage: $90.00

120  minute massage: $120.00

                   Hot Stones: add $10.00

60 minute couples or side by side massage - $130.00

90 minute couples or side by side massage - $ 190.00


Chair Massage

On-site chair massage appointments and events are arranged on an individual basis.  Please contact me to discuss the details.


 Types of Massage Services:

There are many types and variations of massage.  Typically, I use a combination of two or more types to achieve the client's desired outcome. 

Swedish Massage 

The Swedish massage is the most common massage technique.  Five different types of strokes are used to relax muscle tissue and to improve the blood flow, allowing for the easier flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body. This is useful in promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, increasing circulation, reducing stress, eliminating toxins from the body, and stimulating the nervous system.

Swedish massage techniques are typically used in conjunction with other types of massage or used exclusively for a full body Swedish massage, which is a healing and restorative experience.

Deep Tissue Massage 

The deep tissue massage uses techniques that are designed to work on the deeper tissues and muscles of the body, allowing tense muscles to relax and move freely. 

Deep tissue massage is effective in alleviating chronic muscle tension. It may also be used where there are painful adhesions in muscle connective tissues or in malfunctioning muscles that block circulation and cause inflammation. 

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy ( a.k.a. “Neuromuscular Massage" and "Neuromuscular Therapy") is a style of bodywork that uses constant, focused pressure on a specific area to release muscle spasm, thereby relieving muscle pain.  It also improves flexibility and range of motion, promotes better posture, increases a balanced muscle tone, and may alleviate problems with numbness and tingling in the extremities (arms, legs, hands, or feet).

Trigger Point Therapy is based on the following premise: Muscle spasm does not always involve the entire muscle. Many times, there are small areas of spasm within a muscle that refer, or transfer, pain to another area. These areas are called trigger points because they can trigger a pain reaction in a different spot from where the spasm is located.  When a muscle (or part of a muscle) spasms, the flow of blood to that area is cut off or severely decreased. Blood carries oxygen, so when blood can't flow to an area, oxygen can't get there either. This lack of oxygen results in a buildup of lactic acid (the same chemical that causes the "burn" that people who work out sometimes feel), which causes muscles soreness and pain. The trouble is, soreness and pain can cause even more spasm and therefore less blood flow, less oxygenation and even more lactic acid buildup. It can turn into a vicious cycle which is very hard to break.  Trigger Point Therapy helps to break this cycle of soreness and pain. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a wondrous period of a woman's life. But it can be both exciting and painful as the human body stretches and widens to accommodate a growing fetus. Women who have been pregnant can attest to the strain their body endures during this 9 month period.

Pregnancy massage helps to alleviate the body pains, spasms and cramps that are most common during pregnancy.  It is done in a side-lying position and adheres to the special health considerations a woman faces during pregnancy. 

Chair Massage

The chair massage (a.k.a. “on-site” or “seated”) is a short massage, anywhere from five to 30 minutes, done through the clothing. It typically focuses on key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. It is performed in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.

Couples or Side By Side Massage

This type of massage is performed for you and a friend or loved one in the same room, with two Massage Therapists and two tables set up side by side.

Group events or parties (Circle of Friends)

Experience massage party style.  Be it with your friends, family, bridal party,  or co-workers, we provide you a unique opportunity to get together. You receive individual treatment sessions with the participating practitioners of your choice.  While you wait for your treatment, enjoy the company of your group in a private area and enjoy conversation, hors d'oeuvres, and beverages.



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